Andy Warhol
Chelsea Girls 1967

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Andy Warhol 1928–1987
Chelsea Girls
Date 1967
Medium Lithographic poster on paper
Dimensions Support: 762 x 510 mm
frame: 826 x 580 x 38 mm
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Not on display

Online caption

Throughout his career Warhol made numerous films, many of which were experimental and pushed the boundaries of what was considered acceptable in cinema. ‘Chelsea Girls’, however, was the art-house film which stepped into the mainstream with incredible success. It consists of twelve reels of unedited conversations and monologues with Warhol’s ‘superstars’ captured for the most part at New York’s famous Chelsea Hotel. The film was then projected two reels at a time, combining separate, often contrasting, stories. With its creativity and eroticism this poster captures the essence of the film. It was designed for the release of the movie in London by graphic artist Alan Aldridge. Warhol was extremely happy with the design and commented that he “wished the movie was as good as the poster”.

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