Technique and condition

One piece smooth surfaced sculpture of a ‘twenty four finger rocker’ electrical switch box, designed to be wall hung.

The sculpture would appear to be a lost wax cast made as one piece in 8 mm thick aluminium with, on the rear, an additional key whole slotted hanging bar, welded on after casting. The aluminium surface is naturally tarnished and has a burnished look. The face of the box has very small pitted areas which appear to be part of the casting process; the aluminium is brighter, where small areas have subsequent fills of aluminium inserted in casting imperfections.

On the front face of the box are the impressions of twenty four switches; four evenly spaced rows of six. The switches are ‘on’ and ‘off’ at random. On both sides of the switches are four cast imprints of screw heads. All front edges of the box face are gently rounded. There is an incised line all the way around the sides, below the top, indicating that the original switch box had a separate pierced top with twenty four rectangular holes and eight securing screws.

The inside cavity on the reverse, appears rough and uneven, retaining the imprinted texture of the primary plaster cast. The back edges and hanging bar on the box have been machined off to make the box hang absolutely flat against the wall. Incised on the hanging bar, with a burr headed drill bit, is the artist’s inscription: RW’98 followed by an edition number 7/24.

Sandra Deighton
July 2004