Terry WintersMorula III 1983-4

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Terry Winters (born 1949)
Morula III
Date 1983-4
MediumLithograph on paper
Dimensionsimage: 1089 x 825 mm
Acquisition Purchased 1984
Not on display

Catalogue entry

Terry Winters born 1949

P77063 Morula III1983-4

Lithograph 1089 x 825 (42 7/8 x 32 1/2) on Toyoshi handmade paper 1089 x 825 (42 7/8 x 32 1/2); printed by Thomas Cox and Keith Brintzenhofe at Universal Limited Art Editions, West Islip, Long Island and published by Universal Limited Art Editions in an edition of 36
Inscribed ‘T W 1983-84' t.r. and ‘22/36' t.l.; printer's and publisher's stamp t.l.
Purchased from Universal Limited Art Editions, West Islip, Long Island (Grant-in-Aid) 1984
Lit:S.C., ‘New Editions', Artnews, vol. 83, March 1984, p.85; ‘Prints & Photographs Published', Print Collector's Newsletter, vol.15, March - April 1984, p.27

The three lithographs, P77061">P77061, P77062">P77062and P77063, depict mulberry-like forms suspended in space and are typical of Winters's imagery of this period in their metaphoric implications and in their execution. The title of the works is both a Latin word and in current English usage. In Latin, as a noun, morula means a brief delay and, as an adjective, it means black or dark coloured. In English, morula, as defined by Webster's, is a globular mass of blastomeres formed by the cleavage of the egg of many animals in its early development. It is also a cluster of developing male germ cells, especially in certain annelids in which the final development of spermatazoa occurs outside the testis… (read more)

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