Austin Wright
Ikones 1970

Artwork details

Austin Wright 1911–1997
Date 1970
Medium Aluminium and wood
Dimensions 2260 x 1400 x 329 mm
Acquisition Presented by the artist's estate 2004
Not on display

Technique and condition

A horizontal wall mounted painted wood bar with five vertical aluminium jointed hinged and interlocking forms suspended by metal hooks and pegs,. The lengths of cut and cast aluminium have been assembled by welding and the use of bolts. The surface has been left unfinished revealing original tool and pencil markings.

Icones is written in pencil along the top of the painted wood bar. Each peg is labelled one to five from right to left proper in pencil, also along the top of the wood bar. Hanging metal elements two to five also have their assigned number written in pencil on the front or reverse.

The condition of the sculpture is good considering its age. There are minor isolated patches of surface corrosion which may be treated before the artwork is next displayed. Museum condition storage will prevent this corrosion increasing so treatment is not required immediately.

Jodie Glen-Martin
November 2005

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