Cerith Wyn EvansInverse Reverse Perverse 1996

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Cerith Wyn Evans (born 1958)
Inverse Reverse Perverse
Date 1996
MediumPerspex and acrylic
Dimensionsobject: 1710 x 1710 x 315 mm
Acquisition Purchased 2002
Not on display


Inverse Reverse Perverse is a large concave mirror, positioned on the wall so as to reflect the viewer. Its highly polished surface, like the inside of spoon, presents a distorted reflection that varies depending on the distance from the sculpture. As the viewer moves towards the mirror, the reflection flips from an inverted likeness to a magnified, elongated image. The sculpture is a sleek, minimalist version of a funhouse mirror, whose disfiguration of the human form both entertains and horrifies.

Inverse Reverse Perverse was made in an edition of three for Wyn Evans’ first solo exhibition at White Cube, London, in 1996. Its reflective qualities emphasise the subjective nature of the viewer’s experience; no two people will see the same image when they look at this work, though they may have a similarly unsettling experience as they watch their gigantic distorted reflections. The ever-changing nature of the reflections suggests the passage of time, and the transience of identity. It calls into question the experience of perception, particularly self-perception… (read more)

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