Toby Ziegler The Hedonistic Imperative (2nd version) 2006

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Toby Ziegler born 1972
The Hedonistic Imperative (2nd version)
Date 2006
Medium Oil paint, gold leaf and graphite on canvas
Dimensions Support: 2127 x 2449 x 34 mm
Acquisition Presented by David Gorton 2006
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Ziegler works within the tradition of landscape painting but his virtual reality terrains bear the hallmarks of the digital age. His scenes are designed on computer then transferred to the canvas as schematic drawings. These compositions become increasingly complex, offering the viewer a multitude of vanishing points. Here an ordered geometric system is disrupted by the unchecked dripping of areas of paint. The effects of light are also of particular interest to Ziegler. His use of reflective gold leaf in this work further complicates the painting’s surface and distorts the viewer’s spatial perception.

September 2008

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