Conversation Pieces: Alia Syed

Alia Syed’s work embraces a wide range of film practices, eluding a single, definable form. Her art problematises the image particularly in relation to notions of gender and cultural difference.

Conversation Pieces: Ingrid Pollard on Landscape

Conversation Pieces: Laura Oldfield Ford – Visions of the Apocalypse

Conversation Pieces: Leo Asemota – Beyond Portraiture

Conversation Pieces: Maria Kheirkhah on The Anatomy of Ignorance. Part III: 1001 Questions

Conversation Pieces: Nada Prlja on Return of the Red Bourgeoisie

Growing up in socialist Yugoslavia (Macedonia), artist Nada Prlja’s art historical education was illustrated by crude black and white reproductions and photocopies of many works from the Tate Collection. In this talk and gallery visit, Prlja, an artist who works with complex ideas of re-appropriation, re-visits the Tate Collection through her memories of growing up as part of the ‘red bourgeoisie’.

Conversation Pieces: Raimi Gbadamosi on Race, Power and Language

Artist and theorist Raimi Gbadamosi challenges the way art objects relate to the viewer particularly in relation to questions of race, language and power. In this talk and gallery tour, Dr Gbadamosi asks crucial questions of the Tate collection in relation to his own practice: ‘What do I do? What did they do? And what do we all do now?’

Conversation Pieces: Susan Stockwell

Susan Stockwell is a sculptor whose art is primarily concerned with the transformation of everyday materials such as paper, rubber, cardboard, computer components, tea bags and coffee. In this talk and gallery visit she explores how themes in her work such as trade, mapping, recycling and re-appropriation are relevant to key works in the collection.

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  • Alia Syed, Priya, 2009–11 Film still
    Alia Syed, Priya, 2009–11
    Film still
  • Susan Stockwell Sail Away © Susan Stockwell 2012
    Susan Stockwell Sail Away
    Paper currency, knittng needles
  • Long March, Leo Asemota
    Long March, Leo Asemota

Audio recordings of a series of talks at Tate Britian during 2009–10, entitled Conversation Pieces.