Still image of Supernatural presents… Digital Dreams: Part One

Digital Art: Scott Eaton and Johnny Hardstaff – Part 1

Digital Art: Scott Eaton and Johnny Hardstaff – Part 2

Lecture One – Scott Eaton and Johnny Hardstaff – 18th September 2006

Scott Eaton – Escape Studios

Scott Eaton is Creative Technical Director at Escape Studios in London where he teaches a number of courses including the popular Artistic Anatomy for Digital Artists course. Scott studied traditional drawing, painting and sculpture in the academic tradition at the Florence Academy of Art. It was there that he began to integrate the lessons of the old masters with the techniques of modern computer graphics. Prior to studying fine art in Florence, Scott worked as a researcher in computer graphics at the renowned MIT Media Lab where he received his Masters degree. He also holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University.

Johnny Hardstaff – Director

A graduate of St. Martins School of Art, Johnny Hardstaff initially worked in print graphics for fashion designers such as Paul Smith and Katherine Hamnett. In his own time, though, Hardstaff was experimenting with his own hybrid of graphic design and moving image. His first film and subsequent Playstation commission led Hardstaff to be signed to Ridley Scott Associates. His graphic design, image making and films have been exhibited extensively, not least through film festivals such as Onedotzero, Resfest and Mirrorball. Hardstaff is currently concentrating on a book and film project, although he still lectures and contributes to academic research and development within experimental graphic design / moving image.