Cercle et Carré was an artist group formed in Paris in 1929 which strongly supported new developments in abstract art and in particular promoted mystical tendencies within it

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  • Jean Arp (Hans Arp), 'Constellation According to the Laws of Chance' circa 1930
    Jean Arp (Hans Arp)
    Constellation According to the Laws of Chance circa 1930
    Painted wood
    object: 549 x 698 mm
    frame: 772 x 910 x 100 mm
    Bequeathed by E.C. Gregory 1959© DACS, 2002
  • Kurt Schwitters, 'The Autumn Crocus' 1926-8, reconstructed 1958
    Kurt Schwitters
    The Autumn Crocus 1926-8, reconstructed 1958
    Painted concrete
    object: 806 x 298 x 305 mm
    Transferred from the Victoria & Albert Museum 1983© DACS, 2002
  • Georges Vantongerloo, 'Interrelation of Volumes' 1919
    Georges Vantongerloo
    Interrelation of Volumes 1919
    object: 225 x 137 x 137 mm
    Purchased 1978© DACS, 2002

The group was founded by critic and artist Michel Seuphor and artist Joaquín Torres García. They published a periodical of the same name and held a major group exhibition in 1930. This included 130 works by a wide range of abstract artists.

Cercle et Carré was absorbed by Abstraction-Création when the latter was founded in 1933, but Torres García continued the publication in Montevideo in his native Uruguay.