A raised or depressed surface created during printmaking processes

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  • Robert Adams, 'Whiteprint' 1971

    Robert Adams
    Whiteprint 1971
    Embossing on paper
    image: 184 x 322 mm
    Purchased 1986 The estate of Robert Adams

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  • Ivor Abrahams, 'Oxford Gardens VIII' 1977

    Ivor Abrahams
    Oxford Gardens VIII 1977
    Screenprint, varnish and embossing on paper
    image: 153 x 246 mm
    Presented by Evelyne Abrahams, the artist's wife 1986 Ivor Abrahams

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  • Gordon House, 'Embossed Quartered Arc' 1970

    Gordon House
    Embossed Quartered Arc 1970
    Intaglio print on paper
    image: 251 x 251 mm
    Presented by Waddington Galleries through the Institute of Contemporary Prints 1975 Gordon House

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In printmaking any process used to create a raised or depressed surface is referred to as embossing. This is sometimes used to create false plate-marks in lithographs or screenprints.