The material plaster of Paris is a fine white powder which, when mixed with water, forms a white solid

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  • Ben Nicholson OM, '1936 (white relief sculpture - version 1)' 1936

    Ben Nicholson OM
    1936 (white relief sculpture - version 1) 1936
    Plaster and painted wood
    object: 230 x 255 x 158 mm
    Purchased 1997 The Estate of Ben Nicholson. All Rights Reserved, DACS 2002

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  • Edward Allington, 'Ideal Standard Forms' 1980

    Edward Allington
    Ideal Standard Forms 1980
    Cast material
    object: 475 x 3000 x 2280 mm
    Purchased 1988 Edward Allington

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  • Paule Vézelay, 'Five Forms' 1935

    Paule Vzelay
    Five Forms 1935
    object: 280 x 380 x 250 mm, 9 kg
    Presented by the Patrons of British Art through the Tate Gallery Foundation 2000 The estate of Paule Vzelay

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Plaster of Paris (calcium sulphate hemihydrate) is widely used by sculptors for moulds and preliminary casts.