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Art Antics for Kids Online

Art Antics for Kids Online: Press related to Tate news.

Fancy becoming more artistic? Want to learn more whilst having fun on the net? Then look no further. The UK’s number one arts website, Tate Online, has created an area designed especially for younger art enthusiasts with a host of fun and creative online activities.

It’s all part of the joint rationale of Tate and BT, exclusive sponsor of Tate Online, to make art more accessible to everyone and the new pages certainly do just this. Art Detective is a fun-filled interactive game that introduces different ways of looking at works of art. Simply choose a question and solve a series of step-by-step clues to discover the history behind a mysterious object of art, where it came from, why it was made, who it was made by and for whom and much more. Make a Collage suggests simple ideas for children to try out themselves at home or school.

Other activities such as Tate Tales, Make a Mask and My Imaginary City will be live from the end of October and have been sponsored by Barclays as part of the ‘Carnival! A Day in Venice at Tate Britain’ event for families (1 November). The children’s pages can be found in the Learning section of the website and are all fun, simple to use and can be enjoyed from schools and libraries around the world. Whether you’re wanting to swot up on art to help with your homework, you’re just interested in having fun and finding out about art, or you simply fancy yourself as a mini Picasso, Tate Online has something for everyone.

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