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Art & Craft - Free event at Tate Modern for 15 - 23 year olds

Art & Craft - Free event at Tate Modern for 15 - 23 year olds: Press related to past Tate event.

A day of art and craft for young people from fifteen to twenty-three year olds will take place at Tate Modern on 26 June. The event has been organised by Raw Canvas, a group of twenty young people, which organises activities for its own age group.

Raw Canvas are inviting other young people of the same age to try out a range of craft-based activities for free, such as traditional beading techniques, paper-making and jewellery design. Tate Modern’s contemporary art displays will provide inspiration for the workshops and activities

Highlights include:

• knitting with Cast off, a contemporary art knitting group;
• beading using traditional and modern techniques;
• jewellery-making using found objects, with designer and jewellery maker, Petra Bishai;
• paper-making to explore textures in Tate Modern and its surroundings.

Those wishing to take part should call the advance booking line on 020 788 3959.

Art &Craft has been generously supported by the British Hand Knitters Confederation. Raw Canvas is supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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