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Art events at Bankside

Art events at Bankside: Press related to past events.

Tate Modern

Eighteen months before the Tate Gallery of Modern Art at Bankside is officially opened, a series of temporary art projects will be launched on and around the site.

The series begins on Monday 28 September: the exterior of the Power Station will be transformed into a giant screen for a programme of classic films and videos by artists celebrating the radical heritage of contemporary art. The programme opens with Andy Warhol’s cult Empire, followed by films by Richard Serra, Gordon Matta Clark, Julian Opie and other artists.

Further events, which will continue up to and beyond the opening of the new museum, will include specially commissioned installations in sites of historic interest, artists’ walking tours and media-based projects. This will be the first programme generated by the new curators of the Tate Gallery of Modern Art, Iwona Blazwick and Frances Morris.

Artists from Britain and abroad will work with the Tate, in partnership with local people and institutions, to create projects which reveal and celebrate the rich cultural and social fabric of a rapidly changing neighbourhood. The series reflects the diverse ways in which artists now work and the changing nature of the art museum, not just concerned with collecting and conserving the art of the past, but also engaged with contributing to the new.

The new building, on which construction continues both on time and on budget, will be ‘topped out’ in a special ceremony by the Deputy Prime Minister, the Rt Hon John Prescott MP, on Wednesday 16 September.

Empire: Monday 28 September 8pm. Andy Warhol’s Empire, 1964

City Slivers: Monday 5 October 8pm, including films by Dan Graham & Dike Blair, Gordon Matta Clark, Julian Opie, Paul Strand & Charles Sheeler

Secret Architecture: Monday 12 October 8pm, including films by Gordon Matta Clark, Sven Pahlsson, Julian Rosefeldt & Piero Steinle, Gregor Schneider

Riveting: Monday 19 October 8pm, co-curated by Pandemonium London Festival of Electronic Arts and including films by Richard Serra, John Wood and Paul Harrison

Living in the Material World: Monday 26 October 8pm, including films by Chris Burden, Fischli & Weiss, Richard Serra and Robert Smithson

All screenings are free