Press Release

Art of McSweeney's

It was the design that lured me into the McSweeney's world… I realised that … somewhere possibly close by there existed a whole scene that either I didn't know about or that was completely imaginary. – David Byrne

In the last decade McSweeney's have solicited contributions from many of the world's leading authors, artists, illustrators, comic artists and designers, including Charles Burns, Michael Chabon, Marcel Dzama, Nick Hornby, Joyce Carol Oates, Zadie Smith, Art Spiegelman and Chris Ware, producing some of the most beautiful publications of recent years. This book is no exception.
With a dust-jacket that unfolds into a full-size poster and copious illustrations, it takes the reader behind the scenes at McSweeney's. Hundreds of images - from napkin sketches to final objects - give insights into the creative process, and interviews with participating designers, artists, authors and illustrators explore the incidental, accidental and even deliberate ways McSweeney's has transformed the experience of reading.