Press Release

Art Now: David Musgrave

Tate Britain  Art Now space
19 July – 7 September 2003

Tate Britain’s Art Now programme reflects current developments in contemporary British art. It consists of at least five exhibitions a year, which showcase a broad spectrum of new talent in a diversity of media. The programme is sponsored by the Patrons of New Art.

Upcoming projects are as follows:

David Musgrave
19 July - 7 September 2003

David Musgrave will present new sculptures and drawings, made especially for the Art Now space. Using various media, Musgrave develops his interest in anthropomorphic forms, pushing his strange, yet compelling representations of the human figure to the point of illegibility. His works are often based on an unexhibited original, which is then enlarged and translated into an entirely different material, exploring art as both representation and process.

Musgrave (born 1973) studied at Wimbledon College of Art and Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. He has recently exhibited at the Arnolfini, Bristol (16 May – 6 July 2003), and has also shown at the Mark Foxx Gallery, Los Angeles with Roger Hiorns (2003) and at Transmission, Glasgow (2002). He has had solo exhibitions at greengrassi, London (2001 and 2000) and at Duncan Cargill Gallery, London (1998). He has been in numerous international group exhibitions including Casino 2001, S.M.A.K., Ghent (2001) and the British Art Show 5 (2000). He lives and works in London.

David Musgrave will give a free talk on 26 July in the Art Now space at 15.00

The next exhibition in the Art Now space will be Lucy McKenzie (20 September – 9 November 2003)

Roger Hiorns: Vauxhall
7 June – 31 August 2003
Steel and fire
Courtesy Corvi-Mora, London

Roger Hiorns’s Vauxhall 2003 is the first Art Now project to be shown in the sculpture court outside Tate Britain’s Clore Gallery.

Vauxhall combines two basic elements that are materially very different: a steel grating and a naked flame. Gratings or gullies are functional features we rarely notice. This one sits naturally with the architecture and landscape of the sculpture court; it might have always been there except for the fact that it sits incongruously in the centre, where a drain would never normally be placed, and at a slightly awkward angle. Instead of water running through the gully, a flame rises from it, subverting its normal function and disrupting the safe and ordered space in which it sits. The fire is unpredictable and dangerous, in contrast to the carefully constructed nature of its surroundings.

Both gutter and flame are symbolic. Fire suggests religious practice, sacred rituals and the eternal flame; gutters are associated with dirt, ignominy and undercurrents. But despite these potential references, Vauxhall remains unexplainable. The artist sees it as a ‘proposition’, open to different, personal associations. Like many of Hiorns’ sculptures, Vauxhall looks both functional and totally alien; we cannot fit it into our ordered world of objects that have a place and a purpose.

Roger Hiorns was born in 1975 and lives and works in London.

Art Now Lightbox
19 July – 14 September 2003
As part of the Art Now series, Tate Britain will present an eight-week film and video programme in a specially designated space adjacent to the Manton Entrance. Changing every Monday, this new strand of the programme will show new and recent single-screen film and video works by artists working in Britain today. The programme is as follows:

19 – 27 July 2003
Breda Beban – Walk of Three Chairs 2003
16 mm film, 10 min
Courtesy Film and Video Umbrella and John Hansard Gallery

28 July – 3 August 2003
Ann Course in collaboration with Paul Clark
Waiting for Waste 2000 – video, 3 min
Recruitment Video 2000 – video, 3 min
The Artist 2000 – video, 3 min
Mother 2000 – video, 1 min
Untitled 1999 – video, 1 min
Black Magic 2003 – video, 2 min
Shit Belt 2000 – video, 3 min
Courtesy the artists and LUX

4 – 10 August 2003
Mark Lewis – Children’s Games (Heygate Estate) 2002
Colour Super-35mm film, transferred to DVD, 7 min 23 sec
Courtesy Film and Video Umbrella and Cornerhouse

11- 17 August 2003
Dan Holdsworth – Anechoic 2003
DVD, 6 min 22 sec
Sound Design: Welburn Kispert
Courtesy the artist and Entwistle, London

18 – 24 August 2003
Oliver Payne & Nick Relph – Mixtape 2002
Video, 23 min
Courtesy Gavin Brown’s enterprise, New York

25 – 31 August 2003
Phil Collins – Baghdad Screentests 2002
DVD, 47 min
Courtesy Kerlin Gallery, Dublin

1 – 7 September 2003
Jaki Irvine – Actress 2003
Super 8 and DVD, transferred to DVD, 3 min 40 sec
Actress: Ilaria di Luca
Courtesy the artist and Frith Street Gallery

8 – 14 September 2003
Saskia Olde Wolbers – Placebo 2002
DVD, 6 min
Courtesy the artist