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BP Art Exchange project to focus on international online learning in the arts

BP Art Exchange project to focus on international online learning in the arts

The BP Art Exchange project, focusing on international collaboration and exchange for teachers and young people was launched this week. It connects schools, galleries, artists and cultural institutions worldwide through a social media platform and an offline programme of artist interventions. It will test new ideas providing a sustainable digital platform, resources and programme which will deepen knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of art.

BP Art Exchange will take forward Tate’s existing relationships with learning institutions in 46 countries and build upon these. This international focus offers opportunities to hear a wide range of voices and perspectives which will inform ongoing research and the evolution of learning programmes at Tate. 

The new social platform is fully integrated within Tate’s website providing access to Tate’s collection, archives and online content. In this freshly created online space users can initiate groups or join existing groups to share and critically discuss artwork and ideas. Thematic activity packs created with artists will be published online at regular intervals and an offline workshop programme will explore the potential of new developments in technology. 

Tate and BP have been working together for nearly 25 years with the shared goal of ensuring everybody of all ages can explore and experience the world’s greatest collection of British Art through the BP Displays.  In 2012 BP supported Tate Movie Project which engaged 35,000 children across the UK as they participated in the creation of The Itch of the Golden Nit, leaving a legacy of arts and culture with many communities, children and schools.

Des Violaris, BP’s director of UK Arts & Culture, said:
Tate Movie Project allowed for art and creativity to reach many communities across the UK. We see BP Art Exchange as an important initiative which will allow for communities, schools and children from the UK and across the world to engage and inspire each other through art. By launching BP Art Exchange with Tate, we want to ensure that young people know there is a world of arts and culture out there for them to experience’.

The BP Art Exchange builds on the five years of The Unilever Series: turbinegeneration, which has now concluded, paving the way for the next steps in this international learning programme.

For further information on the project visit the BP Art Exchange webpages.

Editor notes

BP’s support for UK Arts & Culture 

BP is a major supporter of the arts with a programme that spans over 35 years. In 2011 BP announced its investment of almost £10 million in extending its long term partnerships with the British Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, the Royal Opera House, and Tate Britain over the next five years. Taken together, these agreements represent one of the most significant long-term corporate investments in UK arts and culture. In 2014 the partnership between BP and Tate will celebrate 25 years.