Press Release

Culture Secretary launches Plus Tate, a major new collaborative arts initiative

Plus Tate, a major new national initiative for the visual arts involving Tate and 18 of the UK’s most dynamic arts institutions, was launched on 21 October at Tate Modern by Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

Editor notes

Each Plus Tate partner organisation, including Tate, is undergoing development and change, often involving a capital project. All are committed to expanding participation in the visual arts and to collaboration and exchange with the network as a whole. The pilot phase of the programme, known as Tate Connects, was made possible through the support of Arts Council England and a further grant from the Cultural Leadership Programme enabled us to bring the network together for  a programme of organisational and leadership development. Through an open call process in February 2010, Tate selected eight more partners and extended the network to 18 organisations across the UK. To do this, Tate has worked with National Galleries of Scotland and National Museums of Wales.