Press Release

Event Highlights at Tate Britain in October and November

Turner Prize – Twenty Years On
Friday 31 October
Tate Britain Auditorium
£7 (£4 concessions)

2003 is the twentieth year of the Turner Prize. Following an exclusive preview of the Channel 4 /Illuminations documentary 20 Years of the Turner Prize, Janet Street-Porter, editor-at-large of The Independent on Sunday, writer Toby Litt, Turner Prize winner Keith Tyson and Alice Rawsthorn, former Turner Prize jury member and now Director of the Design Museum, talk to writer and broadcaster Tim Marlow about the impact prizes have on artists’ lives and their work. Join them for an evening of critical analysis – and gossip – and for an opportunity to consider the diverse and complicated role the Turner Prize has played in contemporary British culture.

This event combines a discussion and screening. With support from Illuminations and Channel 4.

The Art of Murder: Representation and Crime in the Late Nineteenth Century
Friday 28 November
Tate Britain Auditorium
£25 (£20 concessions)

Fuelled by cheap fiction and the popular press, public interest in violent crime reached unprecedented heights in Britain in the late nineteenth century, culminating in the popular hysteria surrounding the Whitechapel Murders of 1888-9. This symposium explores the complex relationship between representation and reality in written and visual accounts of these subjects during the period.

It begins with an overview of the social and economic conditions in London’s East End, the site of its most notorious crimes. It continues with a deconstruction of descriptions of murder and prostitution in contemporary literature and the press, and an analysis of the Ripper myth in criminology, fiction and film. The day also includes an investigation of Walter Sickert’s Camden Town Murder paintings – the subject of a current research project – and it ends with a debate about the aesthetic and ethical implications of Patricia Cornwell’s recent claims linking Sickert with the Ripper killings.

Invited speakers include Peter Bower, Christopher Frayling, Anna Gruetzner Robins, Laura Marcus, John Marriott, Matthew Sturgis, Lisa Tickner and Judith Walkowitz.