Press Release

Liverpool Biennial International 2004

Liverpool Biennial International 2004: Press related to past Tate Liverpool exhibition.

Tate Liverpool
18 September – 28 November 2004

Liverpool Biennial is the UK’s largest contemporary visual art event and Tate Liverpool is a major venue for International 2004, one of four programme strands. International 2004 offers a chance to see new commissions by a wide range of international artists. The character and culture of Liverpool lie at the heart of the Biennial, which is delivered collaboratively with city venues and organisations.

Tate Liverpool is presenting twenty-two new projects by some of the most respected contemporary artists from across the world. Blending the historic and the present-day, these artists reference Liverpool’s legacy as a major international port as well as its current renaissance as the fashion and nightclub capital of the North West. The local architecture and the social topography are key areas of investigation – many ideas being realised through collaborative projects in the city and produced as films, videos or photography as well as large scale installations.

Renown Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles creates a sound installation with the music of The Beatles, while Yoko Ono’s project, visible throughout the city, will have its focus at Tate Liverpool. Valeska Soares is creating a mirrored ballroom, complete with chandeliers referencing the dance culture of the North West while Thai artist Navin Rawanchaikul creates a multi-sensory, interactive installation based round a board that game visitors can play. Expect energy, excitement and creativity!

International 2004 partners are Liverpool Biennial, Tate Liverpool, Bluecoat Arts Centre, FACT, Open Eye Gallery and. The other programme strands of the Liverpool Biennial are the John Moores Exhibition of Contemporary Painting, Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2004 and The Independent.