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New Children’s Books from Tate Publishing Autumn 2010

New Children’s Books from Tate Publishing Autumn 2010

When I Was Born Isabel Minhós Martins and Madalena Matoso £6.99  

Illustrated by award-winning Portuguese illustrator, Madalena Matoso, When I was Born  revisits the adventure of discovering the world for the first time in simple and engaging language. Breathing, seeing, hearing, tasting and touch are encountered afresh in this beautifully illustrated, poetic tale, opening young eyes and minds to the richness and delight of life. Translated into English for the first time from Portuguese.

Big-Top Benn David McKee  £8.99 

First published forty years ago, Big-Top Benn is one of a series of adventures by author and illustrator David McKee that inspired the legendary Mr Benn TV series, fondly remembered by so many. Reproducing McKee’s original artwork, this book represents a golden age of children’s book illustration and story telling.

10 Marion Bataille  £9.99 

From the creator of the best-selling ABC3D comes a new pop-up classic that plays with the shape of numbers. Watch the numbers 1 to 10 mutate into one another as we count from one to ten and back again. The formal perfection and playful intelligence of 10 will enchant readers of all ages.

Yellow Square David A. Carter  £19.99  

A roller coaster awaits in this magnificent pop-up book with its spellbinding, explosive paper architecture, complete with one yellow square in each spread. Thrill seekers are invited to open it and enjoy the ride as the art takes off, turns inside out and loops the loop, leaving you eager to read it all over again.

White Noise David A. Carter  £19.99  

‘[M]ore than mere pop-up entertainment … White Noise … is a laptop sculpture garden, a romp through cubism and futurism, and a lesson in early-20th-century modernist formalism’ – Steven Heller, New York Times

White Noise is the latest in the remarkable series of pop-up constructions created by David A. Carter that started with One Red Dot. In White Noise the paper structures are not only incredibly elegant and intricate; they even create their own sounds as they open, adding a whole new dimension to the reading experience.

Editor notes

Tate Publishing first began publishing children’s books in 2003. Since then the list has developed into a distinctive and highly successful range of children’s books that have won plaudits around the world for being innovative, creative and visually stimulating, as well as entertaining.