Press Release

Seeing is Believing: Faith in the Tate Collection

Tate Liverpool
11 December 2004 – 2 May 2005

In the countdown to 2008 (European Capital of Culture) each year has been given a special theme marked by a series of events. 2004 celebrates ‘Faith in One City’ and Tate Liverpool is presenting a display of works from the Tate Collection that reflects faith and spirituality in its widest sense. Working in partnership with the Capital of Culture team and the Merseyside Council of Faith networks (which represents many multi-faith groups within the city) we have identified key members from the Faith community who represent a cross-section of ages, religious affiliation and ethnicity, to form an advisory group to work with us. The advisory group is working with Tate Liverpool on the planning, research and creative development of this innovative display; ensuring their ideas, beliefs and interpretation of works from the Tate Collection form a fundamental part.

Seeing is Believing explores universal themes within spirituality, such as contemplation, prayer, harmony and reflection. This is an opportunity to see many key works of art from the Tate Collection with a new and fresh interpretation. The display features many major artists from the twentieth century – Langlands and Bell, Sonia Boyce, Elizabeth Frink, Barnett Newman, Bridget Riley, Stanley Spencer and Graham Sutherland as well as new acquisitions presented here for the first time.

Tate Liverpool regularly works with communities in innovative ways. This project (for the first time since 1995) involves local people directly in the origination and delivery of an exciting Tate Collection display.

Seeing is Believing is one of the projects funded by the £2m Liverpool city council led Creative Communities programme – the biggest community art grant in the UK. Councillor Warren Bradley, Liverpool city council’s Executive Member for Leisure and Culture, said:

Tate Liverpool is one of the city’s key cultural institutions and it is to be applauded for using its collection in such an innovative way to engage and encourage people to think creatively and open them up to new horizons and experiences. I’m delighted Tate Liverpool is taking a lead in our Creative Community programme and showing that art and culture is relevant to how we see and deal with our everyday world.