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Tate announces Tate Americas Foundation

Tate announces Tate Americas Foundation: Tate press release

Tate announces Tate Americas Foundation

American Patrons of Tate Transitions to Tate Americas Foundation to reflect the organisation’s evolving role and expanding geographical base of support

15 March 2013, London and New York – Tate announces the renaming of the American Patrons of Tate, an independent charity based in the United States, to the Tate Americas Foundation.  The renaming more accurately reflects the charity’s role to support the acquisition of art from the Americas and expanding geographical base of support from both North and South American patrons.

Sir Nicholas Serota, Director Tate, says:

The 2013 celebration of the 25th anniversary of Sir Edwin and Lady Manton’s founding gift, provides the ideal time to review the changing role and support base of Tate’s Americas-based charity to reflect involvement and support from generous patrons in both North and South America. The newly named Tate Americas Foundation will build on their extraordinary vision to acquire art for Tate from the Americas and to support exhibitions of those artists’ works.

The Board of Trustees of Tate Americas Foundation, chaired by Jeanne Donovan Fisher (New York), voted unanimously to evolve the name. Tate Americas Foundation board of trustees also includes Frances Bowes (San Francisco), Estrellita Brodsky (New York), James Chanos (New York), Henry Christensen III (New York), Ella Fontanals-Cisneros (Switzerland), Noam Gottesman (New York), John Studzinski (New York), Juan Carlos Verme (Lima, Peru), Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian (London and Venezuela), and Robert Rennie (Vancouver, Canada).

Tate Americas Foundation will host the third Artists Dinner fundraising gala inNew YorkonWednesday, May 8, 2013at Skylight at Moynihan Station. The Artists Dinner will honour thirty artists from the Americas who are represented in the Tate’s collection. All proceeds will be used to acquire additional art of theAmericasfor Tate.


In 1988, Sir Edwin and Lady Manton provide a gift of $6.5 million to create the American Fund for Tate with a mission to raise money to acquire works of art from the Americas and to raise money to grant to Tate, particularly in the areas of scholarships, exhibitions, and education. In 1999, the American Patrons of Tate office opened in New York. Since then over $100 million has been raised for Tate; over $40 million worth of art gifted by private collectors; $14 million worth of art acquired using endowment income. It launched the North American Acquisitions Committee in 2001 and the Latin American Acquisitions Committee in 2002, together they provide Tate with $1 million annually for acquisitions of contemporary art in the Americas. Notably these were Tate’s first acquisitions committees, a model that has since been expanded by Tate to other geographical regions.

Tate Americas Foundation offices are in New York at 520 West 27 Street, #404, New York, NY 10001. Please contact Richard Hamilton, Director Tate Americas Foundation, for more information or visit