Press Release

Tate invests in next generation

Tate Modern Turbine Hall
29 May 2007

Today Tate, in association with Creative Partnerships, BT and Channel 4 Television, is launching one of the most extensive consultations ever organised with young people across Britain on Tate’s plans for the future.

On 29 May 2007, 150 young people from across England will be invited to Tate Modern to take part in a day of workshops, which will explore different options for the new development of the building. The event will culminate with the first ever “giant sleepover” in the Turbine Hall in tents generously donated by Millets, which the young people will paint themselves taking their inspiration from the Tate Collection. There will be a programme of late-night workshops and films created by leading contemporary artists.

The consultation will be developed nationwide through an online programme created in association with BT and a series of ‘shorts’ commissioned by Channel 4.

In Autumn 2008, Tate will stage the first From My Space to Your Space Conference which is planned to take place simultaneously in all four Tate galleries. This will be organised by young people themselves and adults will only be able to attend by invitation. The conference will culminate with the publication of the first ever young people’s Creative Manifesto for Britain in the 21st century. 

Tate Modern is the most popular contemporary art museum in the world. Tate has successfully attracted young audiences and those who do not normally visit museums and galleries. Over 60% of Tate Modern’s audience is under 35 years.

Future plans will include the development of proposals for a Mobile Tate to travel across the country with the aim of attracting and engaging young people who do not normally visit museums and galleries. The unit will be pitched in unexpected locations for a limited period, hosted by partners, which have an affiliation with Tate. Other proposals include a project developed in association with Premier League football.