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Tate launches new designer ranges for Christmas

Tate launches new designer ranges for Christmas: Press related to past news.

Following on from a number of successful partnerships with artists and designers, Tate is launching five new product ranges for Christmas.

Tate products
Inspired by words associated with the art world, up and coming designers Marmarco have created a range of Tate products. Children’s T shirts boast the words ‘Masterpiece’ and ‘Miniature’; mugs have the monikers ‘Tate property’, ‘Handle with Care’ and, ‘This way up’, and Post-It notes are captioned ‘Untitled’. Umbrellas and bags are marked with the universal gallery ‘Sold’ sign of the red dot, whilst Tea towels state ‘Handle with Care’ and are finished with a contemporary silver eyelet.
Prices from £3 (Post it notes) to £20 (T-shirts)

Gainsborough-inspired silks and linen
Temporary exhibitions still provide a stimulus for unique and creative products. This autumn Tate Britain hosts a major exhibition of the work of Thomas Gainsborough (24 October 2002 - 19 January 2003). Among a range of Gainsborough gifts available, beautiful silk and linen textiles have been developed by Berni de la Cuona. The range is based in particular on a portrait of Lady Ligonier, a sultry society beauty, and the rose she clutches to her fashionable dress.
Prices from £6.50 to £35

Ella Doran for Tate
Innovative designer and photographer Ella Doran’s striking images have transformed the market for the traditional products which they have adorned, such as table mats and coasters. This autumn Tate launches a range of mugs, tea towels, aprons, coasters and bags which she has created exclusively for Tate using her distinctive style of photography.
Prices from £4 (coaster) to £15 (apron)

Wish You Were Here
The unusual ranges already created by designer Kit Grover have become firm favourites with Tate’s visitors. This autumn a tongue-in-cheek, deliberately kitsch, range of souvernirs by Grover is likely to catapult the role of the traditional souvenir into another sphere. Inspired by Bollywood, Hawaiian shirts and ubiquitous tourist mementos, we pay tribute to the snowglobe and the stick of rock with a range entitled Wish You Were Here. Check out the Art Sucks novelty rock!
Prices from £1.50 (rock) to £25 (t shirt)

Magnetic postcards
Another of our most popular product partners, Graphic Thought Facility (responsible for the Fridge Magnet Gallery and the Perpetual Calendar), have managed to surpass themselves with a new take on the museum shop stalwart, the postcard. From October we will be offering 8 of the best loved Tate postcards as magnets which can both be written on and posted.
Price £3