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Young People Support New Development of Tate Modern

Young People Support New Development of Tate Modern: Press related to past news.

The results of a consultation with young people from across the country about the future development of Tate Modern show that there is unanimous support for the new extension to the museum.

In the summer, young people from schools across the country were invited to Tate Modern to take part in a day of workshops, which explored different options for the new development of the building. The day culminated with the first ever ‘sleepover’ in the gallery’s Turbine Hall in tents, which the young people painted themselves, taking their inspiration from the Tate Collection.

The consultation was one of the most extensive ever organised with young people and will be developed nationwide through an online programme created in association with BT and a series of ‘shorts’ commissioned by Channel 4.

The results show:

100% support the future development of Tate Modern.

65% of those questioned want to have more opportunities for interaction and participation in the new development. Some were eager to contribute themselves, whether showing their own work (11%) or having space to make comments (10%).

A third asked for quiet places or ‘thinking pods’ in the new development.

Workshops and activities are a popular demand with 25% of the participants.

A significant number want different forms of display including more colour (16%) and music (13%) within the galleries, as well as ‘sensory’ areas where they can touch the artworks (10%).

Several young people think it would be good to have rooms for different age groups (11%), and welcoming hosts to replace gallery assistants (10%).

Some would like there to be more connection with the external environment (8%), whilst others think there should be more visible artist involvement (7%) as well as further performing arts (5%).

Next year, Tate will stage the first From Our Space to Your Space Conference, which is planned to take place simultaneously in all four Tate galleries. This will be organised by young people themselves and adults will only be able to attend by invitation. The conference will culminate with the publication of the first ever young people’s Creative Manifesto for Britain in the 21st century.