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Assembly: The Resemblance of Things II

Sebastian Buerkner Triband 2010 Video still

Turner Prize 2014 shortlist: James Richards, Rosebud 2013 HD video still

Emily Wardill, The Diamond (Descartes’ Daughter) 2008 16 mm still

Jayne Parker, Trilogy: Kettle’s Yard 2008 16 mm transferred to video still

Laure Prouvost, IT, HIT, HEAT 2010 Video still

Simon Martin, Louis Ghost Chair 2011

This programme considers the significance of everyday objects and images through studied compositions, crash edits, music and fragmented language.

This screening is paired with Assembly: The Resemblance Of Things I on Sunday 1 December.

Download The Resemblance of Things, programme notes [PDF 3.53 Mb]



Sebastian Buerkner, 2010, 4 min

The Diamond (Descartes’ Daughter)

Emily Wardill, 2008,16 mm, colour, 10 min

Louis Ghost Chair

Simon Martin, 2011, 17 min

Trilogy: Kettle’s Yard

Jayne Parker, 2008, 16 mm transferred to video, 25 min


Laure Prouvost, 2010, 7 min


James Richards, 2013, HD video, 13 min

Coda I and Coda II

Peter Gidal, 2013, 16 mm, 100 seconds each

Programme duration: 79 min

Simon Martin's Louis Ghost Chair was commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella and the Holburne Museum, Bath, in association with Collective, Edinburgh, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland and Elena Hill. Supported by Arts Council England with additional support from Henry Moore Foundation.

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