Art Now: Zarina Bhimji
Tate Britain: Exhibition
1 March 5 May 2003
Zarina Bhimji Out of the Blue film still

Zarina Bhimji
Out of Blue film still 2002

Commissioned and co-produced by Zarina Bhimji & Documenta 11
© 2002 Zarina Bhimji

The opening scenes of Zarina Bhimji’s Out of Blue reveal the breathtaking landscape of Uganda. However, almost immediately this luscious vista is disturbed by the murmur of voices and the crackle of flames. The film shows various places which suggest elimination, extermination and erasure. Many Asian and African residents were expelled from Uganda by General Idi Amin on 9 August 1972, events which provide a background for Out of Blue. They are also part of the history of this country, since many of them came to Britain in the early 1970s to start a new life.

Out of Blue can be seen within the tradition of British landscape painting, as it captures the mood and historical significance of a place through representations of the countryside. The intense and atmospheric soundtrack includes the natural sounds of birds, fire, and echoes from the buildings filmed.

Out of Blue was commissioned for the exhibition Documenta 11, held in Kassel, Germany, in 2002. It is being shown here for the first time in the UK. Zarina Bhimji lives and works in London and Berlin.

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