Keith Tyson has been shortlisted for his solo exhibitions at the South London Gallery and the Kunsthalle Zürich, and for his installation at the Venice Biennale of Art.

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  • Keith Tyson Turner Prize installation 2002
    Keith Tyson Turner Prize installation 2002
  • Keith Tyson A Tiny Bubble of Complexity
    Keith Tyson
    A Tiny Bubble of Complexity 2001
    Mixed media
  • Keith Tyson Venice Biennale
    Keith Tyson
    Installation at Venice Biennale 2001
    Mixed media
  • Keith Tyson Installation 2002
    Keith Tyson
    Installation at Tate Britain 2002
    Foreground: Tabletop Tales: ‘Anticipating a Tumbling Coin from the Cherubic Mint’ 2002
    Mixed media
    Background: Now Capacitor 2002
    Framed mirror, digital counter, microprocessors and velvet-lined shutter
    Rightside: Selected Studio Wall Drawings
    Mixed media on paper

Tyson was born in Ulverston, Cumbria, in 1969. He completed a BA in Alternative Practice at the University of Brighton in 1993. Tyson moves between the scientific, the philosophical and the fantastical in his quest to explore the perplexing questions underpinning human existence. His studio wall drawings operate as his sketchbook and are the origin of his many lines of enquiry, which occasionally culminate in extraordinary objects and machines.

Keith Tyson’s work

Tyson’s acclaimed work, The Thinker (After Rodin), belongs to his recent series Seven Wonders of the World and is his attempt to make manifest the phenomenon of thought. His fascination with how things come into being is evident in the latest work in his Table Top Tales series, where random marks are translated into bizarre forms that weave a loose narrative. In Bubble Chambers: 2 Discrete Molecules of Simultaneity, Tyson creates a mechanism which allows us to navigate two concurrent pathways through time. Through such diverse explorations Tyson seeks to locate us in space and time and reflect the complexity of the world we inhabit.