Liam Gillick has been shortlisted in recognition of his solo exhibition The Wood Way at the Whitechapel Art Gallery and for his outdoor installation Annlee You Proposes at Tate Britain.

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  • Liam Gillick Turner Prize installation 2002
    Liam Gillick installation Turner Prize 2002
  • Liam Gillick Whitechapel Installation
    Liam Gillick
    Installation at Whitechapel Gallery 2002
    Filtration 2002
  • Liam Gillick Consultation Partition
    Liam Gillick
    (Provisional) Consultation Partition 2000
    Anodizied aluminium, formica, plywood
  • Liam Gillick Installation 2002
    Liam Gillick
    Installation at Tate Britain 2002
    Coats of Asbestos Spangled with Mica 2002, Anodized aluminium framework, Perspex panels and display case
    Computer plans for works, projects and graphics 2001-2002

Gillick was born in Aylesbury, England, in 1964 and graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, University of London, in 1987. His art is underpinned by rigorous theorising: he is as much a writer as a maker of objects. However, Gillick’s work is shaped by a very visual awareness of the way different properties of materials, structures and colour can affect our surroundings and therefore influence the way we behave.

Liam Gillick’s work

Coats of Asbestos Spangled With Mica 2002, made of coloured Perspex and anodised aluminium, has been created specifically for this exhibition. In this work, Gillick encourages us to explore our bodily and intellectual perception of an altered environment. Gillick has consistently extended his practice into other disciplines, acting as designer, critic, author and curator. A display case, also designed by the artist, houses computer plans for recent public art projects and design work, showing the breadth and diversity of his work.