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Turner Prize 2014
Tate Britain: Exhibition
30 September 20144 January 2015

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Celebrating its 30th year, the winner of the Turner Prize 2014 was Duncan Campbell. The award was presented by actor Chiwetel Ejiofor at Tate Britain in London.


Find out what piece of advice each of the nominated artists would give to a young artist in this film commissioned by Tate Collective London:


  • Stefan Kalmár, Executive Director and Curator, Artists Space,New York
  • Helen Legg, Director, SpikeIsland, Bristol
  • Sarah McCrory, Director, Glasgow International
  • Dirk Snauwaert, Artistic Director, Wiels, Brussels
  • The jury is chaired by Penelope Curtis, Director of Tate Britain
Turner Prize 2014 poster
Turner Prize 2014 poster

Turner Prize 2014 in quotes

Being nominated for the prize has given me great heart. The opinions of the jury mean a great deal to me.
Duncan Campbell

All four artists in this year’s exhibition are concerned as much with ideas and stories and language as they are with images and objects.
Adrian Searle, The Guardian, 1 December 2014