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Knock Knock, Evelyn who? Evelyn Shlomowitz, Nefeli Skarmea and Serge Vuille

Knock Knock, Evelyn who? is a radio interview show devised, presented and run by 10-year-old arts enthusiast Evelyn Shlomowitz, running part live and part as a sound installation and facilitated by curator Nefeli Skarmea and composer Serge Vuille.

In short interviews, Evelyn will chat with guest artists, musicians and curators. 

During ‘Off Air’ time, you’re invited to hang out with Evelyn and her guests, and contribute to the ‘On Air’ questions, music to be performed, et cetera…

Interview schedule


11.00 Penelope Curtis
12.00 Martin Creed
13.00 Nat Goodden
14.00 Fritz Hauser
15.00 Boff Whalley
16.00 Uli Knoerzer
17.00 Jason Webley 


11.00 Ciara Phillips
12.00 Ian Emes
13.00 Sutapa Biswas
14.00 William Cobbing
15.00 Brian Griffiths
16.00 Joan Jonas
17.00 Marcos Lutyens


Evelyn Shlomowitz

Shlomowitz is a violinist, horn player and arts enthusiast. She is creative and a natural at devising and running events (including her little sister’s recent birthday party). She is the daughter of violinist Kirsten Shlomowitz (Royal Opera House) and composer Matthew Shlomowitz (University of Southampton).

  • You can read an interview with Evelyn about her views on art and the event at RadioCity over on the Tate Kids blog.

Nefeli Skarmea

Skarmea is an independent curator with background in performing arts as a professional contemporary dancer. She worked in the project management team of dOCUMENTA(13) and curated interventions at the Serpentine Galleries’ Public Programmes and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig.

Serge Vuille

Vuille is a composer and performer who creates context specific work including recently for the Bonner Kunstverein, Ackerfestival Berlin or Le Corbusier’s first construction’s 100th anniversary. He is a professor for percussion and lecturer in experimental music at the Royal College of Music in London.

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31 January – 1 February 2015 at 10.00–18.00