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Alison Wilding: Immersion: Sculpture from ten years

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Alison Wilding was a contributor to Tate Liverpool's opening exhibition Starlit Waters, and one of her works has been displayed in the Modern British Sculpture display. Group exhibitions like these set limits on how we see an artist's work, especially if it is as precise and sensitive to its surroundings as Alison's. We hope this opportunity to show a range of her work in one room enables it to be appreciated more fully.

Alison Wilding explores the relationship between inside and outside, between one shape and another. By placing two objects close to each other she draws attention to their similarities and their differences.

She has been preoccupied during the last ten years with developing her own visual language through her sculpture. Language here is the artist's method of expression; the materials she uses, the shapes that she creates, and also the titles she gives to each sculpture.

Tate Liverpool

Albert Dock
Liverpool Waterfront
Liverpool L3 4BB
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22 May – 4 August 1991

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Alison Wilding

Alison Wilding display in the Duveen galleries at Tate Britain 12 November 2013 to 9 February 2014

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