Tate 08 Series: Ellen Gallagher
Tate Liverpool: Exhibition
21 April 27 August 2007
  • Ellen Gallagher, 'Bird in Hand' 2006
    Ellen Gallagher
    Bird in Hand 2006
    Oil, ink, paper, polymer, salt, gold leaf on canvas
    support: 2383 x 3072 mm
    Presented anonymously 2007© Ellen Gallagher

Ellen Gallagher (born 1965) is a leading contemporary painter who also creates drawings, prints, sculptures and films. Her works explore the language of Modernist painting with symbolic or narrative content, often touching on issues of representation. In her recent work she has explored the myth of Drexciya – populated by a marine species descended from captive African slaves thrown overboard for being sick and disruptive cargo during the gruelling journey from Africa to America. Ellen Gallagher’s Tate Liverpool exhibition includes a range of work to reflect the breadth of her practice.