Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, 'Donald Duck Meets Mondrian' 1967
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Copyrighting creativity: creative values, cultural heritage institutions and systems of intellectual property

26 April 2013
27 April 2013
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, Donald Duck Meets Mondrian 1967, Tate. © The Eduardo Paolozzi Foundation
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, 'Donald Duck Meets Mondrian' 1967
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi
Donald Duck Meets Mondrian 1967
© The Eduardo Paolozzi Foundation

What is and what ought to be the relationship between creativity, cultural heritage institutions and copyright?

File sharing, peer-to-peer, Open Access and the Creative Commons. The ever increasing number of new systems of intellectual property puts pressure on the viability and applicability of legal regimes constructed for an analogue world. While Cultural heritage institutions are significant stakeholders in digital information structures, they have largely stayed silent in the copyright debates that digitisation has caused in recent years. From cultural diversity to human rights and from innovation to tradition, this two-day conference will examine how systems of intellectual property contribute to the roles played by these institutions in the presentation of culture as the collective memory of society, as well as stimulating new creativity and innovation.

Speakers will include Kim Treiger, Peter Baldwin, Marysia Lewandowska and Darryl Mead.


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Tate Modern
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26 April 2013

27 April 2013 at 10.30–17.00