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Global Pop symposium

14 March 2013 at 10.15–17.40
15 March 2013 at 10.30–17.45

This two-day symposium explores Pop beyond the mainstream. Organised in collaboration with the Royal College of Art, London, this event engages with new research in different fields and geographies to rethink orthodoxies as well as develop new interpretations of ‘Pop’.

Of particular importance is the often critical nature of these global engagements with Pop. Reacting to the increasing dominance of the American post-war economy and media around the world, Pop art sometimes took the form of a destabilizing reversal of the normative messages associated with American culture and consumerism. This dialectic was effectively and memorably put to use by feminists, political groups and independence movements in order to simultaneously critique the hegemony of the West while drawing on its aesthetic mass appeal and graphic clarity.

To date, the history of Pop art has tended to affirm the hegemonic position of New York. In an attempt to challenge the simple linear trajectory of influence that has dominated most accounts, this symposium will explore Pop beyond the mainstream and open the definition of Pop to critical re-thinking.

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Event programme

Thursday 14 March 201310.15–17.40 Level 1 Starr Auditorium

10.15–10.30 Welcome and introduction by Nicholas Serota10.30–10.50 Monia Abdallah on Spiritual pop in the Middle East10.50–11.10 Michael Asbury – Raymundo Colares: Hybridity is a Myth11.10–11.30 Fernanda Lopes Torres – Antonio Dias: 'popist Underdevelopment'11.30–11.50 Giulia Lamoni – Babies, Boxes, Militaries and Coca-cola: Brazilian female artists and “Pop”11.50–12.10 Elize Mazadiego – Pop, Dematerialized: Argentina’s critical engagement in Pop Art12.10–12.50 Q&A chaired by Kalliopi Minioudaki12.50–13.45 Lunch break13.50–14.10 Katarzyna Cytlak – Monumental Forks and Cosmic Cities: Pop Architecture in the Soviet Bloc14.10–14.30 Marko Ilic – Made in Yugoslavia: Negotiations of Socialist-Consumerism in the ‘New Art Practice’14.30–14.50 Dávid Fehér – 'Where is the Light?' Transformations of Pop Art in Hungary14.50–15.10 Andrea Euringer-Bátorová Altar/Objects, Labyrinth/Environment: In the middle of the artwork - artwork as an interactive space15.10–15.40 Q&A chaired by David Crowley15.40–16.10 Tea break16.10–16.30 Liam Considine on Atelier populaire, Paris16.30–16.50 Syrago Tsiara on Greek pop art16.50–17.10 Rachel Jans on René Block’s gallery17.10–1740 Q&A chaired by Walter Grasskamp17.40 End

Friday 15 March 201310.30-17.45 Level 1 Starr Auditorium

(Invited speakers)

10.30 Welcome and intro by Marko Daniel and Jessica Morgan10.40 Walter Grasskamp-Keynote 11.25 Kalliopi Minioudaki on Pop and Gender11.55 David Crowley on Cinema as the expression of Pop in Eastern Europe12.25 Q&A chaired by Jessica Morgan13.00 Lunch break14.00 Anna Kolos on Pop in Eastern Europe14.30 Teresa Millet on Pop in Spain15.00 Reiko Tomii to address Pop in Japan15.30 Tea break16.00 Mercedes Trelles-Hernandez on Latin American Pop16.30 Zheng Shengtian on Pop in China 17.00 Q&A chaired by Marko Daniel17.45 End


Starr Cinema

Tate Modern
London SE1 9TG
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14 March 2013 at 10.15–17.40

15 March 2013 at 10.30–17.45

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