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Negotiating Histories: Traditions in Modern and Contemporary Asia-Pacific Art

This symposium addresses issues around traditions in modern and contemporary Asia-Pacific art, focusing on how art history is legitimised and/or negotiated in artistic practice and its discourse

Qiu Zhijie, I used to have seventy-two forms

Presentations include scholarly papers, artist talks and artwork screenings. Bringing a wide range of cultural, historical and academic perspectives, the array of international speakers includes Kenji Kajiya, Birgit Hopfener, Wang Chunchen, Ann Adachi, Jung-Ah Woo, Yuko Kikuchi, Nixi Cura, Adele Tan, Carol Lu, Paul Gladston, Koki Tanaka and Ming Tiampo.

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Tate Modern

The Clore Auditorium

London SE1 9TG
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21 October 2013 at 10.15–17.00

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