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Alphadoodler workshop with Jan Bajtlik

Jan Bajtlik


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Letters are great to write with, but did you know you can draw and design with them too?

Join award-winning artist Jan Bajtlik for this fantastically fun painting workshop that will bring letters to life. It’s time to grab your paintbrush and unleash your creativity on an alphabetical adventure!

 Aimed at children aged 5–12 years, this workshop will set imaginations whirring and is a chance to take part in a special creative project led by Polish designer Jan Bajtlik, creator of prize-winning books for children.

To celebrate the launch of Alphadoodler, an activity book packed with creative ideas, Tate will be offering a special event price for attendees.


Jan Bajtlik

Jan Bajtlik is an illustrator, graphic designer and typographer based in Warsaw, Poland. In 2013 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. His clients include Time Magazine, The New York Times and Gazeta Wyborcza. He has received numerous awards in national and international design competitions, including a silver medal at the 10th International Poster Triennial in Toyama, Japan, and was granted the Ministry of Culture Scholarship Młoda Polska in 2014. Find out more.


A brand new activity book published by Tate, Alphadoodler lets you bend, cut, scribble, paint and play with letters. Full of engaging creative activities, children will enjoy transforming letters into creepy crawlies, impossible skyscrapers, a crocodile’s toothy grin and even ghosts (with the help of some toothpaste)! 

Tate Modern

Clore Learning Centre

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Date & Time

14 February 2016 at 14.30–16.00

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