Andreas Gursky 99 Cent II 2001 (diptych)
UBS Openings: Photography from the UBS Art Collection
Tate Modern: Exhibition
23 May 26 November 2006

This new display presents a selection of photographic works from the UBS Collection. Most of the works were produced during the 1990s and offer a revealing portrait of life at the end of the twentieth century.

These artists have looked at the world with fresh eyes to produce images which confront us with a vision of global social phenomena. Andreas Gursky’s iconic 99 Cent features row upon row of brightly packaged goods in a US store, prompting us to consider whether shopping may have replaced the aspirational and devotional elements of religion. Works by Thomas Ruff, Fischli & Weiss and Erwin Wurn are also displayed.

Tate and UBS share a vision to open up art. Together we have created UBS Openings, a dynamic and wide-reaching programme focused on the Tate Modern Collection.

The programme features the complete re-hang of Tate Modern’s permanent Collection, including a selection of works from The UBS Art Collection, an annual cultural festival, regular live events and an exciting range of activities for families.

By working together, we believe that our unique partnership will enable us to reach out to more audiences than ever before.