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The Film Will Always Be You: South African Artists On Screen

William Kentridge and Angus Gibson Freedom Square and Back of the Moon 1986

Tabita Rezaire TRU DAT LCD SCREEN 2014

Athi-Patra Ruga The Purge 2013

Berni Searle Seeking Refuge 2008

Michael MacGarry LHR-JNB 2002–2010 Video still © Michael MacGarry, courtesy the artist

Doris Bloom and Lazara Rosell Albear The MacGuffin 2013

Lerato Shadi MATSOGO 2013 Video still © Lerato Shadi, courtesy of the art

Minnette Vàri Alien 1998 Video still © Minnette Vàri, courtesy the artist

Johan Thom Terms of Endearment 2007 Video still © Johan Thom, courtesy the artist

Simon Gush Iseeyou 2013 Video still © Simon Gush, courtesy the artist and Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town

Zanele Muholi Enraged by a Picture Film still © Zanele Muholi, courtesy the artist

Bridget Baker The Pilot 2007–2008 Film still © Bridget Baker, courtesy the artist

Little known outside of South Africa, the Johannesburg Free Filmmakers Cooperative was a loose association of filmmakers in the 1980s, among them artist William Kentridge. The very act of filmmaking as a vital outlet for self-expression caused Kentridge to recognise that ‘you yourself will be the film and the film will always be you.’ This three-day programme of screenings launches with Free Filmmakers’ experimental 1986 documentary and is followed by a selection of contemporary artists’ shorts rarely or never before seen in UK. The Saturday and Sunday screenings will each culminate with artists in conversation, reflecting on the changing role of the moving image in art and how the medium expresses new subjectivities. The series, developed in partnership with Modern Art Projects South Africa, demonstrates the substantial legacy of South African artists on screen.

Curated by Zoe Whitley, Adjunct Research Curator, Tate, supported by Guaranty Trust Bank plc, and Abrie Fourie, Artist/Independent Curator (Modern Art Projects South Africa).


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