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Ericka Beckman: Playing together – peers and collaborators

Michael Smith, Down in the Rec Room 1979–2009 Video still

Julia Heyward, This is My Blue Period 1979–2009 Video still

Ericka Beckman and Julia Heyward, Circuit City 1992 Video still

Guy de Cointet, My Father's Diary 1975 Performance views at MoCA, Los Angeles, September 1985

Ericka Beckman and Mike Kelley, Blind Country 1989 Film still

This is my Blue Period, Julia Heyward, USA, 1977, video, colour, 22 min

Down in the Rec Room, Michael Smith, USA, 1979-2009, video, colour 13 min

Blind Country, Ericka Beckman and Mike Kelly, 1989 video, colour, 18 min
Circuit City 1992, Ericka Beckman and Julia Heyward, 1992 video, colour, 2 min 

My Father's Diary, Guy de Cointet, 1975, video 12 min, performance documentation, MoCA, Los Angeles, September 1985, performed by Mary Ann Duganne
Courtesy Estate of Guy de Cointet/ Air de Paris, Paris.

This screening includes works by Beckman’s peers, collaborators and diverse range of influences. Ericka Beckman introduces this intimate selection of early video works, performance documentation and collaborative works and discusses her connections to these practices and key venues in New York such as The Kitchen and Artists Space. The screening features documentation of video and performance work by Julia Heyward, Guy de Cointet and Michael Smith among others. The programme also features Blind Country (1989) a late collaboration made with her fellow CalArts alumnus Mike Kelley taking an H.G. Wells short story The Country of the Blind as the basis for their avant-garde horror film.

Programme duration 70 min

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Date & Time

29 September 2013 at 14.00–16.00

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