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Mike Kuchar 4: Midnight carnival

Mike Kuchar, Statues in the Park 1996, video still

Mike Kuchar, Starbound 2012, video still

Sex, sleaze, drugs, blood, and much, much more!
Mike Kuchar

This late night programme explores overflowing carnal passion, unleashed desire and outrageous fortunes in a selection of Mike Kuchar’s most outrageous and overripe works. Ranging from homoerotic reveries to paranoid fantasises, featuring the iconic video Statues in the Park 1966 that follows two downtrodden strippers whose spirits are lifted when they find an obliging ‘beefcake’ in the form of underground cartoonist Mike Diana. Cupid’s Infirmary 1995 is a rancid melodrama, bathed in lip gloss and washed down with a cocktail of ennui and laxatives! Starbound 2012 is a mind-altering journey into the perverse world of Californian religious cults and probe happy aliens. The programme will conclude with one of Mike’s most outlandish works, Splatter Movie 2011 a depraved demonic horror movie made with a cast of New York punks and a large helping of sex, sleaze and lashings of fake blood.

Presented by Mike Kuchar in person

Statues in the Park

Mike Kuchar, USA 1996, video, colour, 19 min

Two strippers decide a walk in the park might lift their spirits, which do get a big boost when they contemplate a park monument dedicated to sailors in this audacious, 'beefy' romp. Featuring Mike Diana, an underground cartoonist famously arrested for obscenity for his work.

Cupid’s Infirmary

Mike Kuchar, USA 1995, video, colour, 25 min

Armed with an ample supply of false eyelashes and lip gloss, this Soap Opera in 'drag' about sex-starved 'She-Men' in heat is rancid drama at its smelliest!


Mike Kuchar, USA 2012, video, colour, 47 min

'At the "Institute for Metaphysical Research and Spiritual Wellness", crackpots, perverts and guitar strumming UFO abductees struggle with the supernatural and their own carnal needs.' Mike Kuchar

Splatter Movie

Mike Kuchar, USA 2011, video, colour, 17 min

A young group wander into a Demonic ritual looking for a wild time but unprepared for the excesses it will unleash.

Programme duration: 108 min

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30 November 2013 at 21.00–23.00