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Nina Beier: The Complete Works

Nina Beier: The Complete Works What Follows Will Follow II, YBCA, San Francisco

The subject of much of Nina Beier’s work is history and how it can be accessed through performance. Her interests range from popular culture – such as her ‘re-make’ of a Tintin cartoon, The Broken Ear Restored 2012, by ripping it up and piecing it back together as a collage or jigsaw – to ‘higher’ forms of art such as modern choreography.

In The Tanks, Beier will stage The Complete Works, a performance where she invites a retired dancer to dance every piece of choreography that they have learnt, enacted in chronological order. The piece is simultaneously a history of a choreographic vocabulary, collectively recognisable, whilst also invoking the personal history of the dancer’s experiences. Beier will work with three dancers from different companies.

Nina Beier (born 1975, Denmark) lives and works in Berlin. She has an MA from the Royal College of Art, London and recent solo exhibitions include Shirts vs Skins, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London (2012) and Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen (2011).

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