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Transpose: Tate

Fox, speaker at Transpose Tate

Transpose: Tate, Black and white photo portrait of musician, writer and activitst CN Lester

Transpose: Tate, Black and white photo portrait of writer and critic Juliet Jacques

Transpose: Tate, Black and white photo portrait of singer, songwriter and activist Wild

Who is Tate for? Whose lives are included, excluded, defined, erased, imagined? What does the collection have to offer us?

Four trans artists and activists take on Tate Modern. A journey in performance, reflection, inspiration – challenging assumptions on sex and gender in art.


My soul may have an agenda, but my soul has no gender

Fox is an out speaker on Trans and Genderqueer issues. They have experience both sides of the camera, from appearing in My Transsexual Summer (Ch4) and later co-founding their own documentary film project, My Genderation. Fox uses the medium of screen-printing to produce one-off pieces as well as mass producing images. He will be creating live art in response to a surrealist piece.

C.N. Lester

Corporeal limits: art and the dissolution of the (trans) body

C.N. Lester is a classical musician, singer-songwriter, writer and activist. Their work has the been featured on/in Radio 4, Classic FM, New Statesman, British Library and throughout the UK LGBT and university circuits.

Juliet Jacques

Reading In: Finding trans people in Weimar

Juliet Jacques is a freelance writer and critic for the New Statesman. Her work has featured in The Guardian, Time Out, The London Magazine, 3:AM, the London Review of Books and elsewhere.


Nature and Spirit: Coming into Being

Wild, singer-songwriter and activist, first composed and performed for theatre, with productions featuring at the West End’s Soho Theatre and Happy Soul Festival. Wild’s songs are deeply shaped from a love of nature, and exploring spirit and soul.

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