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How to Build an Art Biennale With Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton

Installation of artwork on the streets of Fort Kochi, for the Kochi Biennale, 2014-15. Photo: Robert E. D’Souza 

Curate displays, join debates about the spaces, places and politics of contemporary art, and learn practical skills for building your own event

Drawing inspiration from Kochi Biennale in India, which is well known for artists producing their work on site, Winchester School of Art is spending a week building an art biennale in Tate Exchange. Drop in and get involved in the production of contemporary art.

The programme will include opportunities to participate with artists to make, curate and install work. Visitors can join a wide variety of workshops to discover what it means to build art ‘events’, including the use of 3D digital scanning, an introduction to crowdfunding, and participation in performance-based art.

A series of daily reflective discussions will be held in amongst the working process of building the biennale. This series of talks will invite you to be part of dialogues with members of the Kochi Biennale and to explore aspects of Tate Modern’s collection.

This event is programmed by Winchester School of Art, a Tate Exchange Associate.

About Winchester School of Art

Winchester School of Art (University of Southampton) is one of the UK’s leading art and design institutions. With history going back almost 150 years, the School is an international centre for ideas and innovation, committed to offering high quality education and engaging with broader social projects.

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