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Further Information

If you enjoyed this introduction to Barbara Reise and would like to do some further research of your own, see her list of published writings below:

Main articles in co-edited special issues of Studio International
  • 'Untitled 1969: A Footnote on Art and Minimalstylehood', Studio International. April 1969, pp. 166-72

  • Letters to the editor, Studio International, June 1969, p. 256 and July/Aug 1969, pp 4,5

  • 'The Stance of Barnett Newman', Studio International, February 1970, pp. 49-63

  • Letters to the editor, Studio International, March 1970, p.90 and May 1970, p.198

  • 'Carel Visser's "At Each Other" 1966-68' and 'Ger Van Elk's "The Return of Pierre Bonnard, 1917-1971"', Studio International, May 1974, pp. 255, 266

  • '"Incredible" Belgium: Impressions', Studio International, October 1974, pp. 117-123

  • 'The "Belgian Issue"', Studio International, May/June 1975, pp. 245-247
Feature articles and special editing of features
  • 'Benni Efrat: New Work', Studio International, Sept. 1969, pp.84-86

  • 'Sol LeWitt Drawings 1968-1969', Studio International, December 1969, pp.222-225

  • Letters to the editor, Studio International, March 1970, pp. 89-90

  • Edited 'Gurgles Around the Guggenheim', Studio International, June 1971, pp. 246-250

  • Edited 10-page section on decision-making in museums concerned with contemporary art, Studio International, July/Aug. 1971, pp. 30-39. Included: 'A Tail of Two Exhibitions: The Aborted Haacke and Robert Morris Shows', 'Background to the Foreground: The Haacke Exhibition History'. 'Which is in fact what happened: Thomas M. Messer in an interview with Barbara Reise, 25 April, 1971'

  • 'Presenting Gilbert & George, the Living Sculptors', Art News (NYC), Nov. 1971, pp.62-3, 91-2. (Correct original text published in German in their book Oh, The Grand Old Duke of York, Luzern Kunstmuseum, Spring 1972.)

  • 'Art et Language (verbal)', Chroniques de l'Art Vivant (Paris), April 1972, pp.4-6

  • 'Notes(1) on Jan Dibbets's(2) Contemporary(3) Nature(4) of Realistic(5) Classicism(6) in the Dutch(7) Tradition(8), Studio International, June 1972, pp. 248-55, also DATA (Milan), Summer 1973

  • 'Jan Dibbets: A Perspective Correction', Art News (NYC), June 1972, pp.38-40

  • 'Robert Ryman: Unfinished, I (Materials)', Studio International, Feb. 1974, pp. 76-80

  • 'Robert Ryman: Unfinished, II (Procedures)', Studio International, March 1974, pp. 122-126

  • 'Robert Ryman: Unfinished, III (Position)', DATA (Milan), Spring 1974

  • 'The Broodthaers Museum Gambit', Art in America (NYC), May/June 1975, pp. 52-53

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Short Articles and Reviews
  • 'Paintings and Sculpture by Magritte at Hanover from June 9', Studio International, June 1968, p. 318

  • 'Isaac Witkin at Waddington Gallery, 5-26 September', Studio International, Oct. 1968

  • 'Tony Shafrezi at Tabernacle Street', Studio International, July/Aug 1969, p. 30

  • 'LeWitt and Colour', Sol LeWitt, The Hague, Gemeentemuseum, summer 1970

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  • 'Introduction', Jan Dibbets catalogue of touring exhibition, Arts Council of Great Britain, 1977

  • 'Einstein on the Beach', Spectator, 13 Nov. 1976, p. 26
Writings on Art Writing and Publications
  • 'Greenberg and The Group: A Retrospective View', Studio International, Part I, May 1968, pp. 254-257; Part II, June 1968, pp. 314-316

  • 'Friendly Biography', a review of Barbara Hepworth by A.M. Hammacher, Studio International, July/August 1968, p. 56

  • Review of Lloyd Goodrich's Three Centuries of American Art, Art & Artists (London), July 1968

  • 'The Other Americans', review of Art of the Kwakiuti Indians and Other Northwest Coast Tribes by Audrey Hawthorn, Studio International, November 1968, p. 220

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  • 'If a Picture's Worth 1,000 Words, is a 500-Word Poem Worth Half a Lecture? Which Half? (For David Lamelas)', Publication by David Lamelas, Greenwood Inc., (London), 1970

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