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Barbara Reise born, Chicago
Barbara Reise
© Tate Archive 2003
Barbara Reise

America drops atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
End of the Second World War

Jackson Pollock produces first 'drip' paintings

'The Sublime is Now', by Barnett Newman published in The Tiger's Eye (Dec)

Barnett Newman's first solo exhibition opens at the Betty Parsons Gallery

'American Type Painting' by Clement Greenberg published in Partisan Review 22

Modern Art in the United States, Tate Gallery (5 Jan- 12 Feb)

Donald Judd's first solo exhibition opens at the Panoras Gallery, New York

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament founded
Barbara Reise goes to Wellesley College, New York to study art and art history
Touring exhibition, The New American Painting, MoMA, New York
Barbara Reise
on graduation day
© Tate Archive 2003
Barbara Reise on graduation day

Exhibition, 16 Americans MoMA, New York. Catalogue includes text on Frank Stella by Carl Andre)

Berlin Wall is built
John F. Kennedy becomes US President
Barbara Reise studies painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Clement Greenberg's essay 'Modernist Painting' published in Arts Yearbook 4
Dan Flavin's first solo exhibition opens at the Judson Gallery, New York

Barbara Reise goes to Columbia University to do an MA in Art History
Cuban Missile Crisis
John Baldessari, X Exhibition, Art works Galleries, San Diego, California
Barbara Reise's MA certificate
© Tate Archive 2003
Barbara Reise's MA certificate

Assassination of US President John F. Kennedy
Equal Rights demonstration in Washington
Duchamp retrospective at Pasadena Art Museum California
Robert Morris's first solo exhibition in New York opens at the Green Gallery

Exhibition, Black, White and Gray, Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut
Exhibition, Eleven Artists, Kaymar Gallery
Ed Ruscha artist book, Various Small Fires, published
Ed Ruscha, artist book, Various Small Fires, 1964
© Ed Ruscha
Various Small Fires

Vietnam War begins
Lawrence Weiner exhibition, Seth Siegelaub Gallery, New York
'Specific Objects' by Donald Judd published in Arts Yearbook 8
'Minimal Art', by Richard Wollheim published in Arts Magazine 39
Carl Andre's first solo exhibition opens at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York

Barbara Reise secures a Fulbright Scholarship to study at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London
Homes for America by Dan Graham published in Arts Magazine
Primary Structures Jewish Museum, New York
Dan Graham,
artist book, 1966
Courtesy Lisson Gallery and the artist(s)
artist book,

'Art and Objecthood' by Michael Fried published in Artforum (Jun)
'Paragraphs on Conceptual Art' by Sol LeWitt published in Artforum
Hanne Darboven, Galerie Konrad Fischer, Dusseldorf

Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King
Barbara Reise becomes a Senior Lecturer at Coventry College of Art and Design
Sol LeWitt creates his first wall drawing
The Dematerialization of Art by Lucy Lippard published
Lawrence Weiner's first artist book, Statements, published
Donald Judd exhibition, Whitney Museum of American Art
Richard Long exhibition, Galerie Konrad Fischer, Dusseldorf
Xerox Book, artist book published by Seth Siegelaub and Jack Wendler
Richard Long, exhibition postcard, Konrad Fischer Gallery, Dusseldorf
© Richard Long
Richard Long, exhibition postcard

BR becomes a contributing Editor for Studio International magazine
Special issue of Studio International on 'Minimalist' art included BR's essay 'Untitled 1969: a footnote on art and minimalist stylehood'
Woodstock Music Festival in NY
Foundation of the Art Workers' Coalition. Mounts anti-Vietnam demonstration at MoMA, New York
Gilbert and George's, Singing Sculpture, first performed in London
January 5-31, 1969, McLendon Bldg., New York
When Attitudes become Form, Kunsthalle, Berne
First issue of Art-Language published
'Sentences on Conceptual Art' by Sol LeWitt published in Artforum
Hamish Fulton exhibition, Galerie Konrad Fischer, Dusseldorf
The Epitaph of con. Art is which questions have disappeared, James Lee Byars, Wide White Space, Antwerp
'Art after Philosophy' by Joseph Kosuth published in Studio International
Konzeption/Conception, Stadtisches Museum, Leverkusen
Barbara Reise article, 'Sol LeWitt Drawings 1968-1969' Studio International
Notes by Barbara Reise on 'Minimalism as Style Label
© Tate Archive 2003
Notes by Barbara Reise on 'Minimalism as Style Label
Gilbert and George programme The Singing Sculpture
© Gilbert & George
The Singing Sculpture programme

Special issue of Studio International featuring Barnett Newman, including Barbara Reise's essay, 'The Stance of Barnett Newman'
Four students protesting against war in Vietnam are shot dead by National Guard at Kent State University, US
Robert Morris exhibition opens at Tate Gallery and is subsequently closed early
Conceptual Art, Arte Povera, Land Art, Gal. Civ. A. Mod., Turin

'Gurgles around the Guggenheim' published in Studio International about the cancelled exhibitions of Haacke and Buren, including Barbara Reise's essay 'A Tail of two Exhibitions: the aborted Haacke and Robert Morris Shows'
John Baldessari, I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
'Presenting Gilbert and George, the Human Sculptors', Barbara Reise, Art News
Lawrence Weiner, Jack Wendler Gallery, London

Barbara Reise awarded 'Art Critics Grant' by N.E.A.
Tate Gallery purchases Carl Andre's Equivalent VIII
50 Works of Lawrence Weiner, Westfalischer Kunstverein, Munster
John Baldessari: Video Tapes, Jack Wendler Gallery, London
Barbara Reise, 'Art et Language (verbal)'
Chroniques de l'Art Vivant
The New Art, Hayward Gallery, London
Private view card for John Baldessari exhibition at Jack Wendler Gallery, London
© John Baldessari
Private view card for John Baldessari

Lucy Lippard, Six Years: the dematerialization of the art object 1966 to 1972, published

Barbara Reise founds 'Arstra Information Ltd.'
Barbara Reise speaks at Expanded Media & the New Arts conference, Belgrade Student Cultural Centre
The Imagery of Marcel Broodthaers, catalogue essay, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, (Autumn)
Barbara Reise essay, The Imagery of Marcel Broodthaers
© Tate Archive 2003
The Imagery of Marcel Broodthaers

Barbara Reise speaks at Marxism and Art conference, Belgrade Student Cultural Centre
Barbara Reise acts as UK consultant for Biennale des Jeunes Artists, Paris
North Vietnamese enter Saigon, ending the war in Vietnam

Barbara Reise is guest speaker at International Conference of Art Magazines, Bologna
Dan Graham exhibition, I.C.A, London
Outrage over purchase of Carl Andre's Equivalent VIII by Tate Gallery
'Who, What, (and where) is Sigmar Polke?', parts I, II and III, Studio International,
Prostitution, COUM Transmissions, I.C.A, London
Private view card for COUM Transmissions, Prostitution
© Cosey Fanni Tutti & Genesis P-Orridge
Private view card for Prostitution

Barbara Reise dies in London on 25 January
Sol LeWitt retrospective exhibition, MoMA, New York
Dan Graham exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford
Barbara Reise
© Tate Archive 2003
Barbara Reise