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Open Sound Systems  16 September 2005

John White

Open Sound Systems: John White
Video still from live performance © Tate 2005

John White is a UK composer and lecturer, born in Berlin in 1936. White has studied Composition, Piano, Trombone, Tuba and Organ. White joined Alvin Lucier on the night of Open Sound Systems to perform Ricecare.

Live performance recording of John White’s composition.
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The work was originally composed by White in 1984, as part of an installation at Exhibiting Space by the systemic artist Keith Richardson-Jones. The composition was re-worked for live performance as part of the Open Sound Systems programme. Instrumentation: sequenced material (based on traditional bell-ringing changes) on a Yamaha CX5 Mk2 computer plus element of live performance on a small Yamaha synthesiser (DX100). The performance is affectionately dedicated to the memory of K.R-J. who died earlier this year.

Open Sound System

Live performance recordings of compositions by Alvin Lucier and John White performed in collaboration with a group of emerging musicians

Alvin Lucier

Live Performance at Tate Modern