Tim Head born 1946

Artist biography

English artist. He studied fine art at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne from 1965 to 1969 and has from his student days used photography. His belief in the medium's accessibility underpins his examination of the structures of the manmade environment and socio-political issues. Initially he constructed site-specific installations by superimposing projected 35 mm slide images of figures and objects over their real-life counterparts. In the early 1980s he turned his attention in photographs to diverse imagery from the domestic interior and the world of commerce in order to speculate on the roles of technology and corporate power and on how their functions become accepted as an inevitable part of daily existence. In State of the Art (1984; AC Eng), for example, the assumptions of advertising, film and the mass media are questioned. Head's work of the 1980s is distinguished by his innovative use of Cibachrome and Scanachrome processes on a mural-like scale, and by his new-found interest in painting.

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Tim Head (exh. cat. by N. Lynton, Venice Biennale, 1980)
Tim Head (exh. cat. by J. Fisher, Hasselt, Prov. Mus. Aktuele Kst, 1983)


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