Fikret AtayRebels of the Dance 2002

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Fikret Atay (born 1974)
Rebels of the Dance
Date 2002
MediumVideo, projection, colour and sound (stereo)
Dimensionsoverall display dimensions variable duration: 10 min, 52 sec
Acquisition Purchased with funds provided by the 2003 Outset Frieze Acquisitions Fund for Tate 2003
Not on display


Fikret Atay born 1974
Rebels of the Dance 2002
Purchased with funds provided by the Frieze Art Fair Fund 2003

Rebels of the Dance is a single-screen video installation produced in an edition of six plus two artist’s proofs; Tate’s copy is second in the edition. The video, just under eleven minutes long, shows two boys singing and dancing in a small lobby housing a cash point or automated teller machine (ATM). The footage was taken with a hand-held camera in real time in three almost contiguous takes. At the beginning of the video the camera focuses on the cash machine before panning around to the entrance of the lobby. Two casually dressed youths come into the lobby, watched by friends who remain outside. The taller boy wears faded jeans and a black jacket over his patterned jumper… (read more)

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